What We Offer

Be a part of a strong-knit community that builds up it sustainability through:

  • Recognition of a strong Asian Association presence
  • Building up your Company branding internationally
  • Keeping the pulse on the Industry via The Buzz featuring latest company news
  • New Markets Expansion
  • Networking connections with right Partners
  • Preferential rates among Members
  • Developing young professionals via our mentorship programme


Our vision for a sustainable community spans connecting the right partners and affiliations throughout the world.

We make it our focus to ensure the most conducive location and environment for you to meet and partner with professionals within the industry.

We enable you to increase your networks and grow your partnerships by meeting with similar-level peers through our conferences, trainings, webinars and affiliated association activities.

Your business is our business. Nuff said.


Our conferences will be based in Asia in the most conducive and exciting locations the host country will be able to offer.

We spare no expense, thought, care and effort to ensure your total experience is superb and yet uniquely amazing with each year.

Our conferences are a CELEBRATION of the IMA Community coming together.

IMA Cares

As a large international community, we recognize the ability to make a difference through our local charity initiatives.

In the best possible ways, we endeavor to source products and services that ensure our IMA community is able to contribute back to the society.

During our conference, we will contribute to a deserving local charity to enable you to spend time and see your donation in action as well as submersing yourself into local culture and language.

Making a difference, no matter how big or how small.


Our patented Partner4Partner systems enables efficient scheduling of meetings throughout. Crucial information is captured at the beginning to ensure you meet the right partners with the desired business opportunities.

Each meeting is based on mutual beneficial goals that will support your business directions and strategy.

Meetings has never been easier or faster. P4P works solely for your time and peace of mind. You'll never have to look for someone nor miss another meeting again.

Meet-ups simplified. As simple as that.

Training & Development

From our array of professional speakers and trainers, we have leading industry leaders who is in-tune to what current industry and market trends require. They have proven track record in growing businesses and truly understands the importance of investing people with the skills they need to create individual and collective success.

These are then managed into modular learning sections to gear you with the right set of tools to stay relevant in the industry.

Take the opportunity to hear and attend their highly-impactful sessions during IMA conferences to keep abreast and rejuvenate your mindset to spur yourself further.